Østerbros Husholdningsforening & Brumleby Museum


In 2019 Brumleby Museum is open every Sunday 11:00am – 3:00pm.

Entrance fee: 25 kr. Children under 12 free.

Other days Brumleby Museum can be booked by groups for private guided tours at info@brumlebymuseum.dk. For further information see Practical Information.

For free admission to Brumleby Museum become a member of Østerbros Husholdningsforening: info@brumlebymuseum.dk.
Annual membership fee: 100 kr.

NOW: Exhibition on Martin Andersen Nexø and Brumleby in the museum basement.
The author Martin Andersen Nexø lived in Brumleby from the age of 3 till 8. To celebrate his 150th birthday in 2019 a small exhibition on his upbringing in Brumleby in the 1870’s and on Brumleby during the early years is on display for the rest of the year.

UPCOMING EVENT: Autumn Dreams 15th - 17th November.
Exhibition and crafts for sale in the museum basement. Free admission to the basement.
See more (in Danish).

In the museum shop old-style toys, sweets and candy, Brumleby beer, City honey, postcards, kitchen utensils, etc. are for sale.