Office and salesman’s flat

Photo: Roberto Fortuna


Based in the office, the board managed the administration of the co-operative association. Here, members received their dividend bonus. Due to the many tasks, it was necessary to hold meetings several times during the week as well as a board meeting every Saturday, at which the store goods and prices were discussed.


Salesman’s Flat

The salesman lived above the store with his family and an assistant. Employed by the board, the salesman was in charge of running the store and his responsibilities included purchases and accounting.

Photo: Roberto Fortuna
Photo: Roberto Fortuna

Assistant's room

The assistant lived near the store, and on the first floor a room was furnished next to the salesman’s flat. Most of them were young people living in the model lodgings who for a period of time were assistants or messenger boys. Many lived at home, while full-time employees moved into their own room and were eating in the shared dining room.